Disiclin & Kiriko Laundry Set


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Kiriko Ropa Limpia (Clean Clothes Scent) Laundry Detergent 3L
Disiclin Oceanic Fabric Softener
Disiclin Oceanic Scent Booster

If You Crave Your Laundry To Be Highly Scented Then Look No Further!
These 3 Products Combined Together Will Give You Long Lasting Fragranced Results For Your Laundry Well After Being Washed And Put Away. This Is Our “Go Too” Laundry Choice Every time Because The Results Are Fresh Crispness Each And Every Wash. Disiclins Unique Oceanic Fragrance (Similar To Aftershave) Is Just Gorgeous. Not Only Will The Ropa Limpia Detergent Clean Deep Through Even The Heaviest Of Soiled Laundry, It’s Clean Clothes Fragrance Compliments The Oceanic Fragrance Perfectly.


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