Asevi Energy Laundry Set


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1 x Asevi Energy Fabric Softener 60 Wash
1 x Asevi Max Efficient Gel Laundry Detergent 50 Wash
1 x Asevi Green Laundry Perfume

A Real Dreamy Combination For Your Laundry. A Very Hard Working Detergent That’s Very Tough On Stains & Bad Odours (Gym Wear & Active Clothing)
And gentle Enough For Delicate Washes/Items
A Really Refreshing Fabric Softener From Asevi With The Sensations Range With The Energy Fragrance, Crafted Especially to Keep Your Laundry Soft & Bouncy Whilst Vibrantly Fragranced To Help Keep Your Laundry Freshener For Even Longer
1 x Asevi Green Laundry Perfume, Simply Add 1-2 Capfuls Along Side Your Fabric Softener To Really Burst Your Laundry Basket With Longer Lasting Freshness


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