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Nenuco Cologne (Agua De Colonia) is a very popular cologne in Spain.  Tested and recommended by the Spanish Institute of Paediatricians, this cologne is suitable for persons of all ages with sensitive skin.The Nenuco fragrance is unique and instantly recognisable.  Many people often bring back a bottle or two from Spain and up until now Nenuco Cologne has been hard to come across for the every day UK user.  At Lemon Fresh UK we have lots of Nenuco Cologne in stock and ready for dispatch across the UK.Nenuco Cologne has a variety of uses.  Primarily people use it as a ‘splash’ for their babies skin.  Quite often people put it in a spray bottle and also use it as a cologne or perfume.  We have heard of other uses too.  Some people put a few drops in the iron to make their clothes infused with the Nenuco fragrance.  Nenuco Cologne can be used in a variety of ways.At Lemon Fresh UK we strive to provide the best Nenuco and Air Wick products directly imported from Spain.  From our base in Essex we carefully package all orders and dispatch nationwide across mainland UK. margin: 0px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Calibri”,sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal;’>Add a little (diluted) to your steam iron
Wiping down kitchen worktops (removes tiny splashes of grease, and
tea stains!)
Using a spray bottle, spray inside your trainers (before and after
Add it to mop water
Splash (using palms) onto face for instant freshness
Add a few drops to revitalise cut flowers
Spray inside a crash helmet
Can be used as a splash for babies, ladies, and men too (men can
splash or use as an aftershave)

Because of the lemon scent, you will find this
deters both nits and gnats (it won’t kill them, but as they dislike citrus
smells they will find another victim!).
So, spray a little onto children’s hair before school, and splash a
little on yourself before you enjoy that evening barbeque!

There are no English instructions on the labelling,
as this product is imported directly from Spain.


I have loved the smell of Nenuco since my teens when my best friend went to Spain with her Spanish boyfriend and bought me back the baby cologne. Another friend of mine also loves Nenuco and was due to have a baby so I thought I’d see if I could get some products for her baby shower and was over the moon to discover LemonFresh UK and also based in my area, perfect.

Ordering is easy and I normally collect on the same day.

My favourite products are the baby oil, use after every shower, and the car freshener. Nothing smells better than Nenuco when you turn on the air conditioning in the car!

Josh Moran

I too like Marcus used to go over to the Mercadona in Spain to by as my over these as I could for myself and family.
We’ve used this product since me and my brother were bambinos.
Now its great that i don’t have to go to Spain. Spain can come to me and its a lot cheaper too.
¡Gracias! Lemon Fresh.


I love the fact you stock this product and I had no idea they made all the other products like air fresheners and soaps. The smell is truly distinctive and reminds me of being a kid out in Spain…I always bring bottles back.

There are a plethora of uses for it too! I used to splash it all over a flannel and wash myself with it after a bike race! Great for cleaning yourself especially if you have a car journey home and can’t shower until you get back. I also use it on the inside of my motocross boots after I’ve jet washed them and let them dry! Keeps the smell away and gets rid of bacteria. I do the same with my motocross helmet after I’ve washed the sweat out of it…keeps the smells away and any bacteria too! Cheers!

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Agua de Colonia translates to ‘Eau de Cologne’.

Probably the most common way to use Eau de Cologne
is to

Splash a little on your palms and rub this onto the sides and back
of your neck.Our customers have come up with many ways they use

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