Disiclin Blue Laundry Set


The Most Amazingly Perfumed Laundry Set. Really Powerful Fragrance That lasts And Lasts.

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Really Really Excited For This One! This Amazing Laundry Set Is The Ultimate Laundry Treat For Yourself. If You Crave Your Laundry Bursting With Amazing Fragrance Then Look No Further. The New Disiclin Total Action Detergent Combined With The Amazing Disiclin Oceanic Fabric Softener & A Cap Full Of Disiclin Oceanic Laundry Perfume Will Give You The Most Amazing Results Every time. The Oceanic Range From Disiclin Is By Far My Most Favourite Laundry Product EVER!! And believe me I’ve Tested Lots And Lots. It’s Unique Fragrance Simply Lasts And Lasts Even Weeks After Being Washed And Stored Away. People Always Comment On What Washing Product I use And It’s Always The Same Answer.


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