3 Brujas / 3 Witches Wooden Floor Cleaner


3 Brujas Wooden Floor Cleaner |Lemon Fresh UK

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This 3 Witches exclusively formulated Wood
Cleaner has been especially designed to prolong and protect the life of your
wooden surfaces, whilst leaving them beautifully scented.

Suitable for use on all wooden surfaces and can
also be used for cleaning walls and delicate washable plastic.

Content: 1000 ml Screw Top Bottle

Brand: Las 3 Brujas

Las 3 Brujas (The 3
Witches) cleaning products offer a comprehensive and extensive range of
cleaning products for your home or business. This is a very popular and
well known brand in Spain, much loved for its excellent cleaning properties and
fresh scent. We offer all six products including bathroom cleaner;
disinfectant; multi purpose cleaner; window cleaner; and specialist cleaners
for marble, granite and ceramics and another for wooden surfaces.

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